Welcome to Xen’Drik

While there is some small amount of published information regarding the continent of Xen’drik, it is not a commonly studied setting. So, until I get around to writing a better introduction, here are some quotes to set the scene for just what to expect in Xen’drik.

“…Xen’drik is a land drawn from dreams, and the laws of nature bend and break across the continent.” – SOX 22

“Between the strange magical forces that have warped the continent and the vast arcane power of its fallen civilizations, almost any spell, object, or creature could be hidden in the depths of the shattered land [of Xen’drik].” – SOX 8

“… the devastation of Xen’Drik and the decimation of the civilization of the giants.” – ECS 95

“… Xen’drik, a treasure trove of ancient secrets and unfathomable artifacts from a time before humans roamed the land.” – ECS 129

“Anything can happen in Xen’drik.” – SOX 9

“…Xen’drik, the continent of secrets.” – ECS 70

“…the gateway to the mysterious continent of Xen’Drik.” – ECS 25

“…Xen’drik, buried in ancient ruin…” – ECS 42

“… the steaming jungles of Xen’Drik…” – ECS 119

“Xen’drik…a place full of promise and danger.” – ECS 223

“…Xen’drik is a lost continent.” – ECS223

“…Xen’drik’s war-haunted plains.” – SOX 7

“…Xen’drik is home to a thousand deadly secrets.” – SOX 7

“Xen’drik is a land of mystery, where adventure and treasure can be found in every shadow.” – SOX 8

“…[Xen’drik’s] greatest secrets remain hidden still…” – SOX 9

Xen'drik: Vox'Ligat