Dun'Kar - The City Beneath

Note to the Players

The following is the basic information that any inhabitant of the city of Dun’Kar would know. Some information is withheld and if you decide in your character background that you are or were a long time resident of Dun’Kar I will provide you with some further information as dependent upon your back story. If your character is not from Dun’Kar or has never visited feel free to read the description below as it will eventually become your home and it would benefit you to know this information. Even those who have never visited Dun’Kar are familiar with it in some sense as will be explained in the description below.

Physical Description

Dun’Kar, literally translated as “Beneath Kar” or “Under Kar”, is a city that is true to its name. Existing in the old catacombs of the city of Kar, the city of Dun’Kar is entirely underground and is comprised of an orderly network of immense caverns. Crafted on the scale of Giants, the average cavern is approximately 100 feet high and the largest caverns can be as much as 2 miles across at the widest point and 2 ½ miles long end to end. These caverns are organized in a concentric pattern with multiple vertical levels around the center of the old capital city of Kar and now the center of the volcano Karn. As the city grew in population, additional property was created as it became necessary until all but the central cavern have become an amalgamation of buildings, marketplaces, and religious shrines. Please see the image provided in the maps section for an approximate representation of the city.

Political/Religious Foundations

As the capital of a theocratic kingdom, Dun’Kar is the center of religious power within the kingdom of Ael’Darn. Dun’Kar serves as a blatant reminder of the religious power of those who claim authority as seen in the open dealings of the Deity of Vox’Ligat. For reasons of complexity, the religious foundations as well as the workings of Vox’Ligat and the religious hierarchy have been compiled into a separate page. Please see the page on Vox’Ligat for this information.

Daily Life

Despite the grotesque and sadistic nature of the ruling religion, Dun’Kar is a city of strict order that is upheld and enforced by the chosen guards of the Rak’Kar, the immortal leader of the city and the Voice of Vox’Ligat. While laws regarding commerce and violence are minimal at best, the religious laws are binding enough to create a stable culture within the city itself. Merchants, inns, tradesmen, and hired services are plentiful as well as schools and guilds versed in just about every area of study imaginable. As not only the religious center of Ael’Darn but also the center of commerce, Dun’Kar can offer just about every type of good or service an adventurer could hope to find, for a cost of course.

Daily travel throughout the city is aided by foresight of its Giant creators by use of several teleportation circles and other magical rapid transport mechanisms, most of which are still functional. Teleportation circles are located in the center of every cavern allowing access to any other cavern on the same level while the central cavern houses a teleportation circle for transport to the various levels. Also, on the outskirts of each cavern are sloped access shafts with magically controlled platforms that will rapidly carry passengers from one level to another.

Dun'Kar - The City Beneath

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