Main Cities - Basic Info


This is only a partial list of the main cities in present day Xen’drik. Furthere details will be added or given their own pages as deemed appropriate. This is just to give you a general understanding of the current cities and their respective histories.


Once a city of only 10,000 during the Pre Exodus era, Stormreach has boomed to become the unofficial capital city of Xen’drik with a population of approximately 112,000. Stormreach is the primary location to find resources, magical items and artifacts, services (both magical and mundane), knowledge, religious temples, or supplies for adventuring inland. Stormreach was founded in, and has been built upon, a ruined city of the Titans, the immensely powerful giants of old, and while the city is safe enough to the wary, it still has several unexplored areas. Some of these areas are barred by magical devices beyond the understanding of any who have tried to access them and some say that there are still vast catacombs beneath the city that only the thieves guild claims to have access to. More information may be given if your character is or was a resident of stormreach.


Population approximately 24,200 – Officially founded a mere 5 years after the exodus from Khorvaire, Ashport was named for the active volcano on the northern half of Kapaerian Island. During its times of activity this volcano, while far enough from Ashport to not pose a destructive threat, ash clouds are created that cover much of the sky and rain light coatings of ash over the majority of the continent, including Ashport. And being a port city with little to no functioning form of government to this day, “Ashport” became the city’s unofficially-official name. Ashport carries no form of government aside from a locally supported city guard that works simply to protect the city from the native monsters of the island. All legal disputes are deferred to the city of Stormreach which, with a legal resolution being so difficult to come by, encourages locals to settle disputes between themselves. More information may be given if your character is or was a resident of Ashport.

Dusk’s Light

Dusk’s Light is simultaneously one of the most stable and controversially accepted cities in newly established Xen’drik. Officially founded in the year 132 P.E. on the island of Aerenal, Dusk’s Light is the youngest city founded by Post Exodus Khorvairians. Named for the light effect caused by the setting sun as it passes behind Tester’s Rise, which causes Dusk’s Light to experience almost 5 hour sunset’s for half of the year, Dusk’s Light is a rigidly policed port city with a population of nearly 12,000. The first people to arrive on Aerenal after fleeing Khorvaire encountered a very hostile and militaristic population of elves. While the elves seemed to be of varying cultures, they were united in their distrust of the newcomers. However, these elves eventually took pity on the influx of weeping, malnourished, and frightful khorvairians and allowed them to begin a small settlement on the coast of Aernal so long as they did not venture too far inland or interfere with the elven tribes native to Aerenal. Eventually the settlement grew to be too large and its population too arrogant and the elves retaliated against the settlement. An agreement was made some 40 years later to allow a second settlement to be built in the southern portion of Aerenal but this new settlement would be under the control of the elves. In exchange for goods and services the elves police the streets and borders of Dusk’s Light; not only to ensure that the villagers are kept safe, but also to ensure that the villagers are kept from exploring the island of Aerenal.

Summary and Conclusion

As port cities, Stormreach, Ashport, and Dusk’s Light are in frequent connection with one another, along with several other smaller towns along the coastline of Xen’drik. There are very few towns in the inland portions of Xen’drik due to the inherent dangers of not only the shifting zones and the traveler’s curse, but also of the native animals, monsters, and the aggressive drow population who inhabit several areas of inland Xen’drik.
As a native of Xen’drik you are likely to know everything that you have read thus far. What more you can learn about Xen’drik and its infinite mysteries is a subject which I hope will intrigue you into braving the continent whose magical fractures brought the powerful titans to ruin.

Main Cities - Basic Info

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