((Many details are omitted, even from physical appearance, in this section. See me if your back story warrant’s having met the Rak’Kar before and I will happily fill you in if I agree with your story)).

The Rak’Kar is the title given to the immortal leader of the religious order devoted to Vox’Ligat and, subsequently, is the supreme authority on all dealings within Dun’Kar. The Rak’Kar was placed at the head of the church approximately 1700 years ago when he appeared unannounced at the base of Vox’Ligat’s pedestal during Tribute and was announced by the deity Himself as the “Voice of Vox’Ligat”. Since that time he has ruled the church as well as the kingdom in order to produce the stable and lawful kingdom of Ael’Darn as it exists today.

The Rak’Kar is typically only seen by the general public during the time of the when he takes his place beneath Vox’Ligat but he exerts a substantial influence on life within Dun’Kar, as well as Ael’Darn as a whole, through his ordained position as the Voice of Vox’Ligat. Though he appears to be a typically mortal drow from afar, any who are privileged enough, or unfortunate enough, to have a personal conference with the Rak’Kar would notice the telltale signs of the power he possesses.

Though the Rak’Kar is present at vital functions throughout the city, he is only present within the city during the days of Kar’s existence as his presence is tied to the arrival and departure of the city of Kar. While doctrine teaches that such things are simply the “will of Vox’Ligat” and that for the Rak’Kar spends the 9 days as an immaterial companion of Vox’Ligat Himself, there are many rumors and theories to be found as to a more practical reason for the link between the Rak’Kar and the ancient city of the Giants.


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